Did I slip into a parallel universe? I woke up today and things have changed.  Apparently I have a cat.

And a teenage granddaughter living with me.

Too many cars in my driveway. My studio building has been converted into a rental property and people are living there – my daughter and family. They’ve got dogs and puppies. Do you think I can borrow a dog to go up the mountain with me like I so fondly remember doing with my dog?

Speaking of the mountain – Someone built a house up there. Not too close to us, but in the way of my usual excursion. The nerve of some people.

I don’t recognize the painting in my new studio. Did I paint that? Things seem a bit cramped in there. I keep telling myself that there is nothing I could do in the old studio that I can’t do here. Except that the sink isn’t hook up.

I am going to have to rebuild my model railroad. It was in the loft of the old studio and now that’s gone.

In my field (I guess it’s a barnyard now) there are 3 pigs, 4 goats, 18 chickens, and a duck. And gates where there didn’t used to be any.

Things seem to be closing in on me. I’m now officially retirement age though I have been retired on disability for several years.

Mary Ann is calling me. “David! Stop playing with the goats and get to work!”

She always could cut to the heart of the matter.