I guess we all reach an age when simplification, consolidation and downsizing is an appropriate energy dynamic to step into.

I’m a little wary of that because I want to continue expanding my awareness and artistic vision and building new neuro-networks in my aging brain.

None the less, I have decided to give up my studio building and convert it into a rental property.

Our house is very large – we once had 13 people living here – and has been largely unused for a while. I don’t want to move, just make our future more manageable physically and financially.  I am taking over 4 bedrooms (of 7) for a new studio space and – even though it is smaller – it is in some ways better because it can be more compartmentalized with a Clean Room, and separate rooms for tools and for the painting studio. I also have a separate office.

Truth is, there is nothing I was doing in the old studio that I won’t be able to still do in the new studio.  I had a lot of my identity connected to that studio and feel sad to let it go.

Setting up a clean, new space will be exciting.  We’ll see what a literal change in point of view begets.