The world we know is built on triangles, mathematically speaking.

To determine how space sculpts itself, physicists describe its shape using triangles and their higher-dimensional analogues. A triangle is 2 dimensional and is the simplest shape that can be made in 2 dimensions.

Perhaps more easily visualized is the tetrahedron, the 3 dimensional form of a triangle with 4 triangular sides. Can you see that this is the most basic form possible in our world of 3 physical dimensions? Add anything and it becomes more complex. Take away anything and it collapses into 2 dimensions. I like to paint tetrahedrons (here and here) even if they are just painted on the 2 dimensional surface of the canvas.

That’s what scientists do too – as they postulate multidimensional realities of spacetime with projected representations in 2 dimensional drawings. A four dimensional world is based on a pentachoron, the 4  dimensional analogue of at the triangle. And on up into more complex dimensions. It all works mathematically but we’ll never concretely experience those because our senses work only in our 3 D world.

Fun Fact:  Near the Planck scale (really, really small), spacetime itself is 2 D.

I don’t usually say too much about my images, preferring to allow you to make up your own story.  Here, contemplation of such things lead to the creation of this work.

This image is the formation of a triangle in 2D. Don’t ask me what is making it. Maybe those are the  one dimensional vibrating strings of String Theory. Unknowably changed somewhat – in color at least – by the process.

And is that the Eye of Providence?

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