Sample showing layout and signature of typical print.
Sample COA - A unique Certificate of Authenticity comes with each print in the limited edition.
A 8.5"x11" print as it would appear framed in an 11'x14" frame.

Each of these is a limited edition original fine art print. NOT A REPRODUCTION. The image does not exist in any other medium.

For my paintings, I use primarily washes, airbrush, and toothbrushes to apply paint of different viscosity in many layers. I use photographs of my paintings in various progressive stages combined with each other and other images such as public domain astronomical photographs and manipulated in Photoshop to produce the digital art for these original prints. It is an exciting creative dynamic as the paintings feed the prints imagery and texture and the digital prints become studies that inform future paintings.

The image is created on a computer and printed in a strictly limited edition of 200 prints plus 20 artist’s proofs and one BAT which I keep as the standard to ensure quality control over the print run.  No other prints of the same image in a different size or on a different paper will ever be authorized. 

Printed on Somerset Velvet – an archival, 100% cotton, and acid-free paper. Since the 1700s and the days of handmade paper, Somerset’s reputation for excellence has made it a favored choice for serious artists and printmakers. This paper has the authentic “look and feel” of traditional fine art printmaking paper – because that’s what it is.

Only high quality pigment ink is used with a fade resistance rating of up to 105 years. For maximum print life, archival framing is recommended under protective UV glass or proper storage in a flat file.

Each print is signed by hand in pencil on the lower right and also numbered in pencil on the lower left with a unique edition number, e.g. 25/200. A Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is included with each print.