Void Element

Void Element

Here is the fifth and final painting completing the “five elements” series commissioned by my son, Sensei Joshua Copson for his martial arts studio, The Blue Dragon Dojang.

I made the paintings in the traditional order of the Gorintou – the Five Ring Pagoda.  Sensei teaches the 5 elements in a circular pattern: Water, Earth, Void, Wind, Fire – with none being more powerful than any others but rather continually moving one into the other as they support the whole as his Oh Do Kwan students progress in their spiritual studies.

This is the painting for the Void.

The void represents those things beyond everyday experience. Void is where we continually perfect our techniques, sharpen our focus and develop the desired reflexive action.

The shape is traditionally a jewel shape, here in the painting reminiscent of a torus.

In the martial arts, the void is where you sense your surroundings without your physical senses and act without thinking, have no openings by being completely open, and strike your opponent who is both there and not there.

“The void is where you stand, for in the void nothing has been decided, therefore everything is possible.”

~Sensei Joshua Copson


The originals in the Five Elements series are 30″ x 24″ mixed media paintings on canvas and are on display in the Blue Dragon Dojang in Lovingston, Virginia. You can buy framed prints and posters in a variety of custom formats and reproductions  printed on all sorts of stuff including tote bags, phone cases and coffee mugs.

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