Wind Element

Wind Element

And now we come to the fourth painting in the series commissioned by my son, Sensei Joshua Copson for his martial arts studio, The Blue Dragon Dojang, Five Elements painting for Wind.

These paintings embody the order in which his Oh Do Kwan students progress in their spiritual studies. The shapes are consistent with the five elements of the Gorintou – the Five Ring Pagoda.

This is the painting for Wind.

Wind represents expansion, speed, and timing. With Wind we enter the realm of self-control and strategy, mental flexibility, and compassion. Here we develop speed of both our mind and body, and learn the all-important timing.

The crescent forms a cup ready to receive from the heavens and invokes receptivity, intuition, and awareness.

In the martial arts, to master wind is to always be one step ahead, and one move before, your opponent – to know the timing of the world.

 “You should know the strategy of your art, study the strategy of others, and understand the strategy of the land. Only then can victory be possible.”

~Sensei Joshua Copson

The originals in the Five Elements series are 30″ x 24″ mixed media paintings on canvas and will be hung in the Blue Dragon Dojang in Lovingston, Virginia. You can buy framed prints and posters in a variety of custom formats and reproductions  printed on all sorts of stuff including tote bags, phone cases and coffee mugs.

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