Sometimes the internet works to bring about serendipitous connections and even cross promotions.

A while ago, I commented on a video posted on Facebook for the emerging band The MindstreamTheir lyrics held similar sentiments to my thoughts about my series of artworks about real and imagined Soul Mates.

They, in turn, liked my art and likewise saw the connection and so commissioned me to produce the cover for their debut album. Very nice.

So I painted a special SoulMates (#7 – pictured above) with their song Worlds Apart in mind.

This is what I said about painting Soul Mates:

In Quantum Physics there is a phenomenon called Quantum Entanglement which I think – metaphorically and perhaps actually – corresponds to the experience of the Soul Mate in that in each phenomenon the components are paired so that one can no longer be completely described without reference to its counterpart – even at such degrees of separation that common logic assures that any contact or communication is impossible.

And here are the lyrics to the song Worlds Apart:

Boundaries unseen, the great distance between
Across a canvas of eternity
Cold stars are piercing my side

Your thoughts reach out a distant connection
In return your eyes meet my reflection
Crystal spheres collide

We might come from distant corners of the galaxy
But that doesn’t mean you’re worlds apart from me

All the stars are eyes and they’re looking at us
Will we be controlled by their reactions
Or will you follow your heart

Their rules and traditions are too demanding
All of space is constantly expanding
Will they tear us apart

We might come from distant corners of the galaxy
But that doesn’t mean you’re worlds apart from me
There might be a gap of all eternity
But that doesn’t stop your love from reaching me

It’s really about Not Worlds Apart, though – don’t you think? Just like Soul Mates are never really separate from each other.

I  listened to that track over and over as made the painting. I was very impressed with the studio mixing – so much more refined, layered and clearer than the rather rough club video I first heard.

Give The Mindstream a listen here.  And take a closer look at Soul Mates #7 here.

Details and purchase information for this painting.