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Challenge of the Blank Canvas

The move to the new studio is complete and a blank canvas beckons.

I may have had the vision already and maybe it is yet to come as I work, but every new canvas is an intimidating invitation to creativity.

And not just a blank canvas but also a freshly painted wall and pristine floor.

I am hesitating to get into it. Will what I produce be worthy of all the considerable work, time and expense that it takes to make a satisfactory painting?

"Deadline", lithograph by Norman Rockwell. Printed by me at Atelier Ettinger, 1977.

“Deadline,” hand drawn lithograph by Norman Rockwell. Printed by me at Atelier Ettinger, 1977.


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Life imitates art

It’s not a big secret that I get inspiration from astronomical pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope and even use them liberally in my digital collage prints. (It’s all ok. They are paid for by tax dollars and therefore in the public domain.)

24x30 Mixed Media on Canvas

24×30 Mixed Media on Canvas

Here is one just released that has made the rounds on the internet because Star Wars.

Read more about the astro phenomena.

Read more about the painting.

Funny thing is – it looks very much like this painting that I completed a few weeks ago. Am I tuned in to the Force?

I’m sure I will be combining and reworking these images digitally in the near future.

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All things must pass

I guess we all reach an age when simplification, consolidation and downsizing is an appropriate energy dynamic to step into.

I’m a little wary of that because I want to continue expanding my awareness and artistic vision and building new neuro-networks in my aging brain.

None the less, I have decided to give up my studio building and convert it into a rental property.

Our house is very large – we once had 13 people living here – and has been largely unused for a while. I don’t want to move, just make our future more manageable physically and financially.  I am taking over 4 bedrooms (of 7) for a new studio space and – even though it is smaller – it is in some ways better because it can be more compartmentalized with a Clean Room, and separate rooms for tools and for the painting studio. I also have a separate office.

Truth is, there is nothing I was doing in the old studio that I won’t be able to still do in the new studio.  I had a lot of my identity connected to that studio and feel sad to let it go.

Setting up a clean, new space will be exciting.  We’ll see what a literal change in point of view begets.

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Why Inyo Studio?

Inyo is a Paiute word for “where dwells the Great Spirit.”

The context for my art work was conceived on a a three-day fasting Vision Quest in the Inyo National Forest in the high desert of California.

Up there alone in the mountains, I was impressed by the vast clear starry night sky and also by the sublime inner source of my own being and felt the oneness of the apparent duality. In a powerful flash of awareness (I can see why someone might say that God has spoken to them directly – it was like that), I was given the medicine name of Light into Being – a name that both exemplifies my art and provides context to my life.

The closing act of a Vision Quest is where one comes back and lives out that vision for the benefit of the people. And I must confess that it took me many, many years to give myself over to the painting.

“A man who has a vision is not able to use the power of it until after he has performed the vision on earth for the people to see.” –Black Elk

So here I am now, doing that.

I sometimes think I’ll go back to that mountain. I know I could find my special sacred spot, but not so sure I could still make the climb. Then again,  I have a mountain right here in my backyard as well as the etherial one that I carry within – so there is no real need for the trip.

Many have visions – few make them real.  And this art is my visions made physical for my people.

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Infinite Vortex

In the rush to announce the winning entry earlier this week, I neglected to say anything about why I picked “Fibonacci’s Eye”.

Fibonacci was a 13th century mathematician that popularized the system of written numbers that we use today. He is probably best known now among Sacred Geometry aficionados.

I use many spirals in my artwork and these look best when laid out using mathematical sequences also known as the golden ratio or golden spiral. Fibonacci is well known to me.

In this work from a few years ago, the circles are imbedded in hidden spirals. The center of each circle is plotted on a spiral and the size of each circle also follows in Fibonacci progression.

The progression also has roots in the metre in Sanskrit poetry.

Details and purchase information for this painting.

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Fibonacci’s Eye

I’m pleased to announce that “Fibonacci’s Eye” submitted by Peter Lyle is selected from almost 50 entries to win the print.

Peter submitted his suggestion on my Facebook page  You can see all the suggestions there.

Thanks, Peter, for the great title and to everyone else that made suggestions!

Purchase the print here.

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Title this Work, Win a Print

Sometimes the hardest part in creating art is coming up with a good title that is engaging and gives insight into my process or invites contemplation. I’m looking for fresh titles.


Give your ideas for a title for this print. Winner is entirely up to me and will receive a free print provided they have a domestic USA shipping address. (No need to give your address, unless you are the winner.)

Enter your suggestions in the comments. Contest runs simultaneously on my blog and Facebook page. There will be one winner chosen on Sunday, August 30, 2015.

Details about this work including winning title and purchase information.

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Review at Empty Easel

Thanks to the folks at Empty Easel for the kind review.  David Copson: Ethereally Abstract Mixed Media Paintings

Artist David Copson hails from a family of scientists and excelled in math as a student. His heart, however, pulled him toward art, and in particular, printmaking. After 10 years spent in New York City working as a technical director at Atelier Ettinger, he began to specialize in hand-drawn color separations which (when printed one at a time in a specifically matched color) create a print image.

From there, Dave began exploring an abstract expressionistic style of art inspired by vision quests, near death experiences and shamanic journeys. Nowadays, his artwork is meant to inspire beauty and fill one with a sense of awe, and I think you’ll agree it does just that!

In Realization below, it’s easy for us, the viewers, to step out of our comfort zone and into a world of unknowns and endless possibility. His spatial paintings propel us into a thrilling, deep space odyssey.

40x30 Mixed Media on Canvas


David’s use of colors is as complex as his subject matter. I see this painting from two perspectives—one, as if I am looking up and into a magical night sky, and two, as if I’ve been immersed deep in the Milky Way and am floating through infinite space and in between the fabric of time.

This next painting, entitle Unfolding, reminds me of a tunnel through outer space that provides speedy transportation to any and all destinations!

22 x 28 Mixed Media on Canvas


I admire the gleaming blackness of deep space, sprinkled heavily with twinkling stars. A supernova bursts forth from a star, expelling (at speeds we can’t begin to comprehend) all sorts of elements and energy that create a dazzling rush of color.

Lastly, Etic Reality is soft and subtle, with pastel hues encompassing the entire painting. Even more notable, however, is the grainy texture that lightly dusts the composition.

24x18 Mixed Media on Canvas


Through this hazy veil we can see a gleaming planet or sun, perfectly round and glowing robustly through the gassy, cloudy atmosphere. Pale sea foam, rose, and lavender hues are utterly romantic, fulfilling the dreamy idea of interstellar wonders one ponders about, but can never fully realize.

This unassuming painting not only inspires, but invites us viewers to make our dreams a reality.

Learn more about David’s journeys—the first into the world of art, and the second into a place of self-discovery and artistic clarification through a quest into the Inyo Mountains—that changed his life’s path forever.

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Just Paint on Canvas

Have you ever had the insight that a dollar bill has absolutely no inherent value or meaning other than what we attribute to it? It’s just some ink on a rather small piece of paper.

Even the patterns of the ink on the paper – the numbers, words and pictures – only have meaning when we agree that they do.

Have you read art reviews wherein the critic elaborates upon this or that aspect of a painting, adding significance to the subject matter and technical aspects of the painting down to the choice of color, that flourish of a brushstroke, and that seemingly accidental drip over there? They might say the work is derived from some important thing and indicative of a new trend and has great social implications.

And maybe this was all part the artist’s intent – or more likely not – but it’s all true now. Because that meaning has been assigned to the painting by an authority.

The Treachery of Images, René Magritte, "This is not a pipe."

This is not a pipe, it’s just paint on canvas. “The Treachery of Images,” – René Magritte

People seem to want me to talk about the meaning in my paintings. Believe me, I put a lot in there. I  even try to infuse the energy of what it means to me so strongly that any viewer will get a sense of it. But I often say that there is no meaning except what you as the observer bring to the work from your own consciousness.

After all, the painting is akin to the dollar bill and is just paint on canvas, with no meaning except that which we assign to it.

What about the cosmos? Do you think there is any meaning out there beyond what we puny humans attach to it?

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New Website

Happy to be back in touch with everyone – not to mention back in the studio – and hope you are having a great summer too. I feel better than I have in a long time and thank you all for your many good wishes.

I am excited to let you know that my website is completely upgraded with presentation of my artwork in a modern, clean look for your ease and enjoyment in viewing.

And with new work for you to discover.

I have also updated my bio and artist’s statement to be more reflective of my journey to recovery and my new station in life.

I hope you will enjoy following along as I post artist updates and new work going forward.

If you have any questions or comments I’d love to hear them. And of course, if you are interested in having one of my paintings please contact me. (I am setting up direct online purchase which will be available soon.)

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