Things have changed

We are living in crazy times. New times. Things have changed and we are all going to be doing things differently from now on.

Artists too.

Most of us are finding ourselves spending more time at home than ever before. Working from the dining table, full-time parenting, or just staying in instead of going out..

All that time inside and you start to notice your walls more and how your moods and outlook are affected. Maybe you suddenly see how old and tired your walls really are. Or how much more inspiring your new home office needs to be.

I have partnered with a print on demand company that will be able to offer high quality reproductions of my paintings in a variety of formats. People have been asking for those for a long time. This is a new venture for me and the way forward in the new economy that gives you the opportunity to spruce up your space at an affordable price. And help enliven your mood and even your productivity.

I don’t feel quite ready for prime time,  and would love to get your feedback and suggestions on my new website features and how I can best serve your needs.  Plus there will be a surprise special offer waiting for you there. And if you fall in love with some art on the website – you could even make a purchase.

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Etic Landscape #3

Mixed Media on Canvas, 24″x36″

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No one has ever seen a place like this before. No one has ever imagined a reality like this before.

Yet such an otherworldly landscape does exist. Clearly. Because here it is. I imagine it, it therefore exists.

But is this alien world real?

I have no doubt that there is a place where a physics that supports this vision exists.

Read more about the etic visions of multidimensional realities that I bring forth and manifest in this world as my paintings.

Soul Mates Rising

Analyzing this painting closely will reveal juxtapositions that are nonsensical to how our senses normally organize information in this physicality. Such a vision is unmanifested in this physical world – except as a painting, of course. In other worlds, it might exist more robustly. 

As an artist I see my purpose to be one who can make the transition from unmanifested otherworldly perceptions to understandable visual imagery. There is the possibility that my work can be a gateway or portal for others to be introduced to evolutionary possibilities on the fringes of our reality.

In my view, something like time travel must be possible because it is imagined by so many people. Whether we can do it in the parameters of our existing physics is questionable, but that doesn’t exclude the possibility that there is a physics that would allow for that 

Art can be at the leading edge to bring into our physical reality information from another reality or dimension that would allow our mundane perceptions to evolve into noticing and/or possibly retrieving this information more directly – like a physics that would allow time travel.

We must have some not normally defined senses (some 52 possibilities are here) that do perceive other realities and dimensions and allow access to their physics. We transpose from that reality to ours through our native means – thus bringing something new and evolutionary into our own reality.

About other paintings in the Soul Mates series.

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Etic perceptions of other realities – Real or Imagined?

The impressions that I have of an etic reality go through my own filters. 

Getting back to the anthropological roots of etic and emic: those who study indigenous culture can’t ever be in that culture to experience it. They can try to imagine what it would be like and they may even get the opportunity to talk with someone in that culture to better understand it. They may have confidence that their information about that culture is objectively accurate. Maybe. Whatever they come up with is still subject to the world view that they already have.

Last time I wrote about etic visions of other realities that I bring forth and manifest in this world as my paintings.

Etic realities – are they real or wholly imagined? That depends on the definition of reality – or where the origin of reality is. 

It is obvious and also profound that if I can imagine it, it therefore exists.

But if it exists, where does it exist?

As I make a painting, I cross and recross the threshold from the unmanifested – the etic – to what I am manifesting on the canvas – the emic. 

So there is a back and forth synergy between the etic and the emic as the painting is produced.

I am unfolding an etic impression (You could just call it my imagination – I’m fine with that.) into my current reality. Taking unmanifested perceptions into a visual manifestation. 

Any creative person will tell you every work of art or invention first has to exist in their imagination before they can bring it forth into physical reality. And the final product may not match the original vision or intent. That’s the process of crossing back and forth in action. I’ll notice an invitation, communicate with it, and have a breakthrough expression. 

I will profess that the initial etic impression and subsequent conversation exists within me. But that reflects an issue that I have with people who see angels or hear the word of God or have fanciful near-death experiences. It would be easy to identify those as external to oneself. I have had enough of that sort of vision to know how powerful they can be. Whether your experience exists within or without is one of those sacred mysteries and your answer depends on how you structure your world view.

One paradigm would suggest that if I perceive it how can it be outside of me? The other paradigm would find it easier to go with the standard duality of our everyday experience.I find that I can easily shift my viewpoint between those two paradigms. The perception of the other world exists within my imagination. It may well be that there is no true inside or outside, only a continuum of experiential realities.

Etic Landscape #2, 24

Etic Landscape #2

Mixed Media on Canvas, 24″x36″

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Etic Realities are brought forth in my paintings

In the process of developing my art, I first get a vision of an energy dynamic or physical presence that is from an etic perspective. This information is not necessarily understandable – because I am outside its defining parameters – but it does make an impression that I feel necessary to bring forth into this physical reality.

I then use familiar materials at hand – i.e. canvas and  paint – to make a visual representation of my perception of that etic reality. This part of my artistic process is emic. I use my native sensory vocabulary as a human being and skills as an artist to make the transition from etic through to the visual representation in the painting.

I was first introduced to the concept of Etic Reality in a comic book. (I read a lot of them.) From the Warren Ellis and Tom Raney 1997 issue of STORMWATCH (#47), I picked up on the idea that an etic reality is one that we cannot understand because we do not have the equipment for it. It was just a few lines of dialog that had little to do with the overall story in an otherwise mediocre comic but that sparked a moment of clarity.Etic and Emic from Stormwatch #47 Warren Ellis and Tom Raney 1997 Copyright DC ComicsEtic – and its opposite emic – are terms derived primarily from the social and behavioral sciences, particularly anthropology. Etic and emic are two different perspectives used when trying to evaluate observations from fieldwork. The viewpoints are distinct and it is essential in research to be clear about where observations are coming from and how the observer may affect the results. The etic perspective is from an observer outside the cultural paradigm, while the emic perspective is from an observer within the social group – a native to that cultural paradigm. 

For example, from an etic perspective the founding fathers were elitists, slave owners, misogynists and worse – and patriots. From an emic perspective they were radical liberal visionaries – and traitors. From our perspective, we may have ideas about what it was like for them but we cannot really experience it. 

Likewise, an etic reality is a dimension or alternate universe that we here in this universe do not have sufficient reference to understand, language to define, or senses to perceive.

Maybe you have heard the story of how in 1492 Native Americans could not see the ships of Columbus because they were so alien – an etic reality invisible to their emic world view. Only after more exposure were they able to view and recognize those ships. 

For me, discovering the words etic and emic clarified the creative process that I was already doing. It didn’t shift my style of painting or my intention as an artist. I already had a clear intention to bring my visions forth and give them a physical form. However, this comic book enhanced my vocabulary to better define what I am doing and to talk about it in a new way.

More: Etic Realities – Real or Imagined?

Etic Landscape #1, 24x36, Mixed Media on Canvas

Etic Landscape #1

Mixed Media on Canvas, 24″x36″

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Awakening at Ultima Thule

More strange and exotic things happening in a new alien landscape painting from that distant region of the cosmos unknown to our knowledge and vision: Ultima Thule.

Unknown to vision? This is a  visual interpretation out of perceptions that are not truly visual, or of anything that is part of this local experiential world.

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Ultima Thule

Many of my paintings invoke an energy dynamic that looks like it might be a place in the cosmic frontier that embodies that energy. Here I have flipped that a bit and we have what looks like a specific, if alien, landscape that is home to strange exotic things happening.

Ultima Thule  (pronounced thoo-lee) was a label used on ancient maps that indicated a distant unknown region. Beyond the extreme of travel and discovery, Ultima Thule is a distant place beyond the limits of our knowledge and perception.

(Also a Kuiper belt object and next target of NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft that visited Pluto in July 2015)

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Incident at the Threshold

As usual, this new work of art is a mixed media painting on canvas. This painting is 24 x 30 inches.

I seem to be in the midst of switching gears a bit.

Anytime an artist makes a horizontal line it begins to invoke a landscape.  I called my last painting a landscape, because of its sense of place. (I just mistyped sense which got auto-corrected to seance, which is perhaps not wholly inaccurate).

I think I’ll embrace that sense of place for a while and see where that leads.

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Eidetic Landscape

Eidetic images are mental visions that have unusual vividness and detail, as if actually visible.

Welcome to my world.

Eidetic Landscape #3

This painting is mixed media on canvas and measures 24 x 18 inches.

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For your consideration:

A new painting: Rift.

Here I am invoking an eruptive disturbance along a threshold that may be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual – personal or cosmic.

Lots of toothbrush spattering in this one.

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This is the second painting completed this year. I’ve been excitedly and actively painting and have fallen behind in posting about them. More to come.