Water Element

Water Element

This is the second in the Five Elements series commissioned by my son, Sensei Joshua Copson for his martial arts studio, The Blue Dragon Dojang.

This is the painting for Water.

Water represents the fluid, flowing things in the world. Water teaches us to flow in our movements, find the supple center of balance and become flexible in mind and body.

The sphere is symbolic of completion and the attainment of wisdom.

In the martial arts, to master water is to flow with the tides of battle, never resisting nor be resisted as you use your opponent’s energy to bring about their defeat.

“You must learn to flow from one move to the next, until you can sustain a stream of attacks and counters that seem to come without effort.”

~Sensei Joshua Copson

The originals in the Five Elements series are 30″ x 24″ mixed media on canvas paintings and will be hung in the Blue Dragon Dojang in Lovingston, Virginia. You can buy framed prints and posters in a variety of custom formats and reproductions  printed on all sorts of stuff including tote bags, phone cases and coffee mugs.

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